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Your Special Day is Our Masterpiece

Bonham-Morgan Documentary Style Wedding Film Trailer

We aim to capture every moment of your special day in cinematic brilliance with our premium documentary-style wedding film package. As skilled filmmakers and storytellers we will transform your wedding day into a captivating and timeless masterpiece. With a keen eye for detail, we will document not just the major highlights but also the subtle, heartfelt moments that make your love story unique. Our premium package includes multiple camera angles, aerial shots for breathtaking vistas, high-quality sound recording, and expert editing to create a seamless and emotional narrative of your wedding day. Let us craft a documentary-style film that will transport you back to the joy, love, and beauty of your wedding day, allowing you to relive it for years to come. Make your memories last forever with our premium wedding film package.

Tom & Grace Wedding Film Trailer

From picturesque landscapes of Essex to the heartfelt moments of your special day we choose to utilise professional grade cinema line cameras shooting in 6k to make sure your special moments are captured in best possible way.

Charley & Michael Wedding Film Trailer

Wedding Reel

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